Wednesday, March 2, 2016

experimenting with shutter speed

I am halfway through my four-week photo 1 lessons and I am so excited because this week, I nailed the homework assignment! our first week's homework assignment was fairly easy: take the same photo using different white balance settings. sadly, I didn't complete it. something in me kept waiting for "a better photo opp" and it just never came. so this week, I was determined to ace the assignment.

during our second class, we learned about exposure and shutter speed. our assignment was to take the same photo of a moving object twice, once using a short exposure (below, left) and once again using a long exposure (below, right). over the weekend, I headed out to sope creek in east cobb to find some moving water to photograph. I even turned it into a workout and walked four miles in order to complete the task. sope creek has beautiful sights for hiking and even has historical paper mill ruins on the grounds. if you're local to atlanta, check it out!

the below shot was taken with SS1/200 and f/5.0. notice, you can almost make out individual droplets of water. this is a freeze frame of running water and represents your typical photograph.

slowly, I manipulated the SS to create a longer exposure. this shot was taken at SS1/125 and f/7.1. it looks similar to the first photo except the lines are starting to blur a bit between the water.

this shot was taken at SS1/80 and f/5.0. you can tell that the water is starting to run in this shot but it's not completely fluid yet.

and lastly, this shot was taken at SS1/4 and f/22. the water in this shot is now completely fluid and running together! this is how you take photos of beautiful water features or landscapes and dramatize the running water effect. 

such a neat trick, right? I think these photography classes are paying off. now I just need to go back to amicalola falls and try this long exposure thing again!


  1. great tips! i am always working on my pics, so thank you! now if only you could get some trap pop pics! i can't stop!!

    1. you crack me up! trap pop photo shoot just sounds awesome.

  2. That's awesome! It's so fun to play with shutter speed!

    1. thanks! I am learning, slowly but surely. your photos always look great!