Monday, March 28, 2016

alys beach

on our beach trip last weekend, the weather was literally quite terrible. when it wasn't raining, there was no sun to be found amongst the rolling gray sky. luckily for stephen, march madness was in full force so he was quite content. I was perfectly fine snuggled up on the couch in full relaxation mode... in between glances at my newly acquired engagement ring!

we woke up early on friday morning and since it wasn't raining, we decided to take advantage of the day and bike to alys beach for a stop at charlie's donut truck. come to find out, our bike tires all needed air so we decided to hoof it the 3.5 miles there. all in the name of donuts.

even though I've been to 30a a million times, I have never actually walked around alys beach. the understated and bermuda/antigua/guatemala-inspired architecture easily pulls you in, as do the palm tree-lined streets which greet you upon arrival.

we ventured through a few back streets off the beaten path before reaching our donut destination. I am a sucker for greenery-covered walls, especially with the muted white paint behind. alys beach is filled with luxurious yet simplistic parks and well-manicured outdoor spaces.

highlights of alys beach include george's restaurant (which is always packed), the gorgeous caliza poolside restaurant, fonville press for coffee (pictured below), and of course - my alys favorite, charlie's donut truck.

we ordered a few donuts and coffee and scarfed them down before it started raining. I recommend the chocolate covered sprinkle! thankfully, we made the long walk back without any rain and stumbled upon this gorgeous piece of nature below. and since we walked 7 miles to get these donuts, they definitely don't count!

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  1. Such a bummer about the bad weather! But it sounds like you guys still had a lot of fun. And donuts definitely don't count as calories when you walk 7 miles!