Sunday, February 28, 2016

weekly reading, volume 2

ahh another week has come and gone, and even though this is only week 2 of my weekly reading - this is already easily my favorite series! this past week was a crazy week, I was busy with work and social plans every night (#nationalmargaritaday), stephen had his last week of busy season (aka getting home from work at midnight for a month) and.... wait for it....

he finally passed the C.P.A. exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words cannot express our excitement.

in other news, I was so pumped to attend a hand-lettering class by all she wrote notes at swoozie's buckhead, my weekly photography class, and two days of work-related software training for eLearning development. it may sound cheesy, but I feel so grateful to be able to take it all in.

I also found the most adorable, chic, and comfortable tiered black romper from anthropologie. a must buy!

one of the messages at my yoga studio this week was that yoga is not done to get something out of it, it's done to allow you to be better to give of yourself. obviously, when you do yoga - your body and mind are "getting something out of it" but the focus is bigger. I loved when our instructor talked about peeling back the layers of resistance we build up against our true selves. an awesome reflection point.

have a great week, friends!