Wednesday, February 17, 2016

pure barre kennesaw grand opening party

my sister's pure barre kennesaw studio opened its doors in december and has been lifting, toning, and burning ever since. pure barre kennesaw hosted its grand opening party this past weekend, a few months after opening, in order to celebrate the studio but also in order to celebrate the accomplishments of the new members over the past few months.

the day started with a ribbon cutting with the mayor of kennesaw at 3:30pm. I left dunwoody at 2:15pm and barely made it, but thankfully I did! after the ribbon cutting, we were fast and furious setting up for the grand opening party that evening.

my sister made the banner above, which turned out so well! and so did the gorgeous silver sparkly mason jar vases below. I'd seen them in gold and my sister decided to do them in silver, a couple cans of spray paint and glitter can really transform a basic 24 oz. glass mason jar into the perfect combination of casual and sparkle. not to mention, the options are endless for these jars - they literally match with every occasion.

I did the flowers with blooms from my local kroger florist. I am always buying white hydrangeas there and thankfully, when I called the day before, they had 15 white blooms in the back refrigerators that I promptly scooped up. given that it's valentine's day time, I easily picked up a bouquet of red roses and mixed them in to make full and easy centerpieces.

the nice thing about adding roses into the hydrangeas, besides the pop of color, is that you also have the ability to smell your bouquets! I love hydrangeas but wish they smelled more floral, with the addition of roses - you get the best of both worlds.

to break up the red tablecloths, we added white fabric runners. I found some sweet ruffly knit fabric at hobby lobby and cut runners about a foot wide. the nice thing about this fabric is that the ruffles camouflaged the raw edges. I didn't even have to hem or use fabric tape on these!

how cute are these cookies from confection perfection?! not only were they adorable, with sparkly rims, they were also so yummy.

jenna came in from college to help celebrate - all three of us sisters getting the night started!

the food was catered from trackside grill in kennesaw, which I have heard a lot about but haven't tried yet. apparently the shrimp and grits are to die for which is why this place is definitely on my list of must-try spots. pimento cheese and hummus were almost too pretty to eat and the grilled vegetables, brisket meatballs, and chicken were crowd pleasers!

it was a fun evening to celebrate accomplishments and toast to the future of the pure barre kennesaw community!


  1. Replies
    1. they were so good too! I would definitely recommend!

  2. How fun is this post!!! Seriously in love with those cookies looks so pretty!!!

    1. the sparkly rims of the cookies were so cute. let's just say I ate my fair share :)

  3. that's awesome! congrats to her! looks like a fab turnout!