Monday, February 29, 2016

meatless monday: vegetarian sausage cheese balls

ok, I know what you are probably thinking... what is the point of making sausage balls if you're not using sausage, right? you may know that I used to make these sausage cheese balls for tailgates and parties before I went vegetarian. they were always a hit and I always ended up eating them even though I am not a fan of sausage. obviously this is not a vegetarian blog so I don't want to get too wrapped up in this but I never felt good about eating or cooking with sausage, the same could be said for chicken and beef. anyway, I had a party to go to where everyone was asked to bring a side and these sausage balls are a no-brainer. I thought about making them the regular way but then I knew I would be tempted to eat them and what vegetarian brings a non-vegetarian dish to a party? seems sort of odd. again, no judgements here but it didn't seem like a good move. what if there were no other vegetarian dishes at the party? what would I eat? so this is how I came to explore vegetarian sausage balls.

we've been eating field roast sausages on the reg lately, in pasta and with rice - honestly, they are surprisingly good! I chopped the sausages and pulsed them in the food processor before following my regular recipe for cheesy sausage balls. they turned out pretty well! I didn't even tell people they were vegetarian.


-3 c. bisquick
-5 links of vegetarian sausage (I used field roast italian)
-4 c. grated cheddar cheese (REAL cheese, don't buy the pre-shredded kind)
-1/2 c. grated parmesan cheese
-2 T. italian seasoning
-1/2 c. almond milk


1. first, slice the sausages into chunks. throw into a food processor and lightly pulse. you'll find the sausage breaks up quickly and almost resembles ground beef.

2. mix all ingredients up by hand in a large bowl. 

3. roll mixture up into 1 in. balls and place in rows on a baking sheet.

4. place baking sheet in the freezer and turn the oven to 325 degrees. putting the balls in the freezer for a few minutes ahead of cooking helps the cheese not to melt too fast in the oven. the sausage doesn't need as much cook time as real sausage since it's not raw meat.

5. bake for around 25 minutes. let cool and enjoy!

makes about 40-45 medium sized balls. 


  1. this looks so easy! i am not a fan of traditional sausage so this is a great idea to use vegetarian sausage. yum!

    1. this veggie sausage is so good in pasta dishes as well!

  2. Sounds yummy! It's awesome people didn't even realize that they were vegetarian! So much better for people who have high cholesterol!