Monday, February 8, 2016

meatless monday: my favorite vegetarian finds

I'm pretty excited to write this post because in many ways, I've come really far in my vegetarian journey. I just got back from a work trip, lots of eating out - it can be so boring and repetitive when dining out, if not impossible to find a vegetarian option. it can also be really discouraging. but as I write this, I am encouraged to keep up my journey.

I have always eaten a moderately vegetarian diet but last november, I decided to commit to being vegetarian. I have completely stopped buying, cooking, and eating meat but I do still eat fish every once in a while. all in all, I have cooked with so many more vegetables in the past 3+ months such as eggplant, butternut squash, and more. I've also discovered a few vegetarian products at publix and whole foods that I can't live without.

clockwise from left
vegetarian refried beans
smart ones three cheese ziti
field roast vegetarian sausage (vegan)
earth balance soy butter
amy's vegetarian burritos, soups, and family meals
monterey butternut squash ravioli
kashi whole wheat blueberry waffles
silk almond milk
immaculate biscuits (non-gmo)
smucker's natural peanut butter (non-gmo)

I am obsessed with amy's burritos for lunch. I toss one in my bag every day before heading to work and I like that I can easily eat one with a knife and fork at my desk. I know it's kind of gross to eat at your desk, but it's a reality and these burritos are way easier to eat than a salad. plus, a warm meal feels like a small indulgence in comparison to salad.

as for the sausages, I initially bought these from whole foods to make jambalaya. I never got around to making the jambalaya and we ended up slicing the sausage and tossing it in with pasta. we've been buying it on the regular now and I'm even going to try to use this as a substitute in my old favorite recipes that call for sausage. I'll keep you posted!

I've also tried to evaluate the foods we eat on a regular basis such as butter, milk, flour, biscuits and peanut butter. I substitute whole wheat flour for white flour in all recipes and soy or almond milk instead of dairy. I also use earth balance as a replacement for butter spread and have been loving smucker's natural non-gmo crunch peanut butter. we also eat a lot of nature's own whole wheat bread and whole wheat english muffins.

being a more conscious eater and vegetarian has not necessarily been easy but I'm glad I made the decision. I'm not perfect, and to each their own in terms of vegetarianism, flexitarianism, veganism, and whatever else floats your boat. all of these items can be found at publix and/or whole foods, let me know if there's something else I need to try! I'm always willing to try new vegetarian options. thanks for stopping by!


  1. i am not a vegetarian but i eat a lot of meatless meals. i have celiacs disease though, so it's especially hard to find things that are both GF and vegetarian. i love amy's burritos, she has one GF and vegetarian one, i think and i ate it like every day for a month lol. a think i added like a dollop of salsa, yum. i also really love tasty bite's lentils madras or something. i get it from coscto, but they are also at meijer / kroger / target etc. oh, and i totally eat at my desk as well. it's just easier.

    1. yes, amy's has several GF options! I just got the vegetable lasagna, looks so good - hopefully tastes just as good! I'll check out tasty bite's, thanks - never heard of it. it's awesome that the freezer section has really expanded with veggie and gf options.