Friday, February 5, 2016

love the wine you're with

no matter how you choose to celebrate valentine's day and whether you're single, taken, confused, or whatever - there's a bottle of wine with your name on it this month.

fresh from a breakup? go with smart cookie - you're better off without him.
hot date? pour yourself a glass of flirt as you get all dolled up.
girl's night in? bring a bottle of menage a trois for a laugh and a cheers to good friends.
staying solo? sip on be radiant and toast to yourself!
third wheelin' it? there's even a wine for you.

side note - this post made me think about how settled into my wine selections I am. I love lucky star pinot noir and spellbound petite syrah. all the images above are from - just browsing their site made me want to start exploring my local wine shop. the next time I pop into a wine shop, I vow to walk out with something I've never tried before.

anyway, I love finding a bottle of wine as a gift that has a funny and appropriate saying for the occasion. one of my friends, who will remain nameless in this case, had a tough meeting with a male coworker. one of her friends surprised her with a bottle of fat bastard wine a few days later. I mean, the wine is nice but the thought is what counts. hilarious!

cheers, friends!

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