Monday, February 1, 2016

home is where the heart is

happy february! while I don't typically decorate for valentine's day, I do like to celebrate during the month with some subtle nods here and there. a bouquet of roses is a must whether you're single or taken and a sweet candy dish filled with conversation hearts is an easy way to show you at least know we're in the month of february. bonus - if you're like me, you're not tempted to eat candy hearts so you can display them all month rather than accidentally consuming them all in one day. that's a win if I ever heard one... candy hearts > halloween candy.

I am always coveting a few items for my kitchen at any given time, last month I bought a cuisinart double burner griddle so that I can make approximately six grilled cheeses at once. while this may seem excessive, I assure you in my household, it's not. for christmas, I asked for a crystal punch bowl set which I am dying to use and lately I've been contemplating a waffle maker. this one would be perfect for red heart waffles in february and green clover waffles next month.

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I love the idea of serving stephen a whiskey on the rocks with these festive heart ice cubes, meanwhile, I'll have an apple maple old fashioned. this tiffany crystal candy dish is begging to be filled with colorful conversation hearts and displayed on a bar cart.

in terms of baking, I was thinking about whipping up a batch of strawberry cupcakes and this heart shaped cakelet pan would just push my cupcakes over the edge. or I could try something chocolately with a powdered sugar dusting to show off the heart detailing. decisions, decisions... either way, I am obsessed with these napkins because I would get so much use out of them for fourth of july and maybe even during the holidays - same with this gorgeous red cake plate.

valentine's day is a fun and whimsical holiday to decorate and bake around, and there's so many options for color palettes. red and pink are obvious, but gold and cream is beautiful, black and white is elegant, and more. hugs and kisses to you, however you plan to celebrate!

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