Friday, February 19, 2016

fashion friday: warm and cozy

even though I've been telling myself it's already spring for a few weeks now, the weather is not supporting my position. which is super confusing because I'm pretty confident the groundhog didn't see his shadow or whatever it takes to determine it's spring time. spring doesn't officially start until march 19th and although that date is not terribly far away, it is also not terribly close either. 

these winter temperatures make me feel so lazy. I literally have to get everything done during daylight because once the sun sets, it's game over. it's too cold to go out, run errands, hit the gym... all activities are out of the question. while I can still be productive with working, blogging, reading, and cooking at home after dark - one thing is for sure, I've mastered my coziness routine. at any given time, I am wearing my short uggs, a long robe, and have a fur blanket wrapped around me. the good news is that the weekend temperatures are looking up here in atlanta! just in case we have a few more brutal days of winter, here are a few of my picks to keep you warm.

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the fur blanket is a must and I love this pom pom version, bonus it's on sale. we have a few furry blankets in my home since my cat sort of conquers them. she's so cute, I can't bear to move her so we each have our own.

I'm coveting this barefoot dreams robe, we got my mom a cardigan for christmas and wow is it soft. it's also the perfect weight, not too thick but substantial enough to provide comfort. you've gotta keep your toes warm and these furry booties will totally do that - or you can do the leg warming tall socks for even more coverage. 

in addition to keeping your body physically warm with lots of layers, there are a few extras to set the cozy mood. I have tons of candles laying around but when I want to be extra cozy, I light a nice candle. I'm sure you know what I mean, right? not all candles are created equally and one of my favorites is the diva scent from tyler candle company. I love this cute match box too.

I recently tried jergen's shea butter lotion and have fallen in love, it's super rich and luxe feeling. I've been putting it on my hands and legs daily and it definitely helps to fend of dry skin which also helps to get your skin ready for spring hemlines. the scent of lavender helps to calm and both this neck wrap and eye mask have lavender in the fabrication. the neck wrap can be chilled or heated to your liking. add a cup of tea or even hot chocolate and a book and you may just have the best night of your week all cozied up inside.

c'mon spring, we're ready for you!

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