Wednesday, February 10, 2016

croatian coastline

I spent last week in dubrovnik, croatia for work and this was also my first trip with my new dslr camera. I was in working sessions all day every day but I did bring my camera with me everywhere. I snapped photos every chance I got, during coffee and lunch breaks and even on bus rides! I think my effort paid off. 

croatia is well known for its red rooftops throughout the city and they really pop against the staggering, gorgeous cliffs and expansive ocean views. driving up and down the windy coastline of croatia was a magical experience. this was my first time to ever drive in a foreign country! the city was relatively quiet before the summer peak season starts, but there were plenty of sailboats dotting the ocean view.

the valamar lacroma dubrovnik, below.

we had a coffee break on the back patio of the valamar lacroma and these shots are actually some of my favorites of the whole trip. the pillows are so nautical and fun, the backdrop of the ocean is unparalleled. I couldn't help but imagine a summer time happy hour sipping champagne and enjoying the breeze on these couches.

the gorgeous and strikingly modern franjo tuđman bridge frames the city.

the view from the radisson blu, below. I love these tall, skinny trees set against the ocean with the red rooftops peaking out. a truly breathtaking view!

our second day was very overcast, the blue ocean almost matched the ominous dark blue sky.

the sunsets in croatia were unbelievable. no picture I took did them justice. the dark blues, soft pinks, and even neon pinks melted into the ocean every night. check back on friday for more photos from dubrovnik's old city!


  1. I've never been to Croatia, but I want to now. It looks like such a beautiful place!

    1. it was so beautiful, not to mention both the food and the croatian wine were amazing! cheers!