Monday, January 11, 2016

small space living solutions

for those of you who created your new year's resolutions and/or published them - good for you! I haven't mustered up the energy yet, we'll see if I get around to it this year. I have, however, completed one resolution-type accomplishment in 2016 and that is to increase the organizational efficiency of my small living space. my place is pretty big for a one bedroom apartment but it could always be bigger, right?! it's funny that sometimes in order to organize and reduce clutter - you have to buy items (ie bring more stuff in your home) to help you do so.

I woke up on january 3rd with a strong desire to go to the container store. my closet is definitely a source of stress for me since it's jam packed with necessities. I don't have superfluous items anymore [so many trips to goodwill] but am still overflowing the closet. I found the most amazing valet rack to hang over the closet door at the container store, now I can pick out my clothes for the day or pull a few things out to pack for a trip and store them all on this genius rack. I asked stephen if he wanted one, he said no. anddd guess who has already started to encroach on my valet rack? mmm hmmm.

 clockwise from left 
over the door valet rack
over the door hat hanger
hanging shower caddy
underbed storage box
acrylic lipstick holder
tiered jewelry organizer

the other piece that I'm currently obsessed with is this over the door hat organizer (far right, top). I searched and searched for this - since most hat organizers are intended for ballcaps, which is definitely not the kind of hat storage I needed. this rounded hanger allows any types of hats to cascade over each other freely, no creased or smooshed hats. I love that now my winter hats are out and available for me to throw on, instead of on top of some shelf in the closet that I can't reach.

I've also picked up a few other small items recently like this acrylic lipstick holder. lately, I have been ending up with all my lipsticks strewn in different bags which was fine when I was only wearing one color: MAC pro longwear unlimited. but now that I have ventured out into additional colors, it wasn't working. I would invariably show up to work with nothing but bright red lipstick in my bag. now I try to pick out my lipstick before work and put it back where it goes at the end of the day. this is harder than it seems.

I am a huge fan of underbed storage boxes. currently I have three boxes under my bed with spring and summer clothing packed away. it's the only way that I can fit my coats in the coat closet comfortably. when summer comes around, I pack up all my coats and bring out the warm weather attire. I can't wait until I have enough closet space for all seasons. even then, I will still probably use underbed storage for something or other.

do you have any small space living solutions that you can't live without? do tell! I am all about maximizing a small space. whatever your resolutions may be - I wish you a bright and prosperous year!

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