Wednesday, January 27, 2016

brunch at parish

sometimes in life, you meet special people that are awesome and slightly older than you. older enough to offer valuable life and career advice, but similar in age enough to be your friend. I am so lucky to have found a relationship like this many years back! it's actually an interesting story. I interned with an awesome atlanta-based consumer brand during my junior year of college, working on a large team in the marketing department - this was 2007. many years later, I was in business school back in atlanta and had accepted a graduate research position. I was told about my supervisor who hadn't started yet... when they told me her name, I just knew it was the same moronke I had worked with years before in my internship. it's a small world, people.

ok, back to brunch. so fast forward at least three years, moronke now lives far away and luckily, we were able to meet for brunch over the holidays. she suggested parish in inman park and I eagerly confirmed since I'd never been but always wanted to go.  that morning, I got extremely lucky and found an amazing parking spot, which of course, made me automatically like this joint. then I walked inside parish and fell in love.

parish was dressed up for the holidays with garland over the bar, which created such a cozy feel. I just had this feeling that parish would become my new favorite place. it was perfect for a girls' brunch but equally perfect for a friday night date. rustic, refined... perfection.

I ordered a bellini (because I can't say no to bellinis on brunch menus) and it was game over when I saw shrimp and grits on the menu. shrimp and grits is my jam and I almost always have to order it if it's on the menu. I waited for moronke for arrive for a few minutes and the sweet server brought over some mini carrot muffins while I waited. I contemplated stuffing them all into my mouth before moronke arrived but I played it cool and casually waited. when I finally did try the little temptress carrot muffins, oh my god, I was impressed.

my mom makes the most amazing carrot cake on this planet (no weird stuff like pineapple or nuts, for the record - it's just carrots and decadent cream cheese icing). basically this cake is considered a vegetable, if you're wondering. these baby muffins were just like my mom's moist carrot cake minus the icing. honestly, the muffins were worth the visit themselves. the shrimp and grits were also really good - we both ordered them!

the server came back to check on us later and moronke mentioned something about donuts. by this time, I had regressed from bellinis to coffee and donuts did not sound half bad. again, I played it cool like oh-haha-donuts-whatever-you-want-I-don't-care to moronke, but heck ya, I wanted her to order those donuts. I had just talked about how I really needed to work out more and get back into shape so it seemed like the perfect transition to ordering donuts.

luckily, she picked up on my subtleties and ordered the donuts. they were brought over to our table in a brown paper bag coated with powdered sugar. the server shook them up in the bag upon delivery before dumping them in a basket. these donuts were much like beignets with a fruity, creamy dipping sauce. I think this picture really captures the moment, taken after we ate half of the donuts. the best food is eaten before photographed, I'm a firm believer of this.

all in all, parish is my new favorite place. I rarely venture over to inman park anymore (although I love barcelona) but this place is worth the effort. cheers to many more meaningful meals at parish to come!

select photos via from parish facebook page

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