Sunday, December 20, 2015

the apple maple old fashioned with whiskey girl

I've teamed up with whiskey girl to share an amazing cocktail with you - the apple maple old fashioned. I love a strong cocktail and the old fashioned is definitely up there on my list of favorites. oddly enough, I never make my own old fashioned at home. the old fashioned has been reserved for elite bartender crafting in my mind. I think the real reason I've never tried an old fashioned at home is because I'm never tempted to buy whiskey since there's not a brand that I personally like. sure, we have whiskey at home, but it's stephen's whiskey and try as I might - I just can't convince myself to like it.

...then I discovered apple maple whiskey girl.

for those of you that know me, you know I'm a marketing girl at heart with a penchant for sharp packaging, strong messaging, and good product. my first draw to whiskey girl, admittedly, was the packaging. this bottle would look gorgeous on any bar cart and would make a sweet gift. whiskey girl uses fresh, local grown heirloom corn, red wheat, and barley and is distilled and bottled by dark corner distillery, a boutique craft micro distillery located on main street in downtown greenville, south carolina. is it just me, or does that in itself warrant a spontaneous girls' trip to greenville?!

since my favorite whiskey cocktail is the old fashioned, I knew I wanted to create a fun twist on this favorite using apple maple whiskey girl. a girls' afternoon out on our patio in key west was the perfect time to debut the apple maple old fashioned.

this apple maple old fashioned is so good, but if you don't have bitters or simple syrup - try whiskey girl straight over ice, it's delicious and very smooth all by itself.


-1 t. simple syrup (you can make it yourself or buy)
-3 dashes of angostura bitters
-2 oz. whiskey girl apple & maple whiskey (c/o)
-1 sliced apple, for garnish


1. pour the bitters and simple syrup in a high ball glass. stir well and slosh around to coat the interior of the bottom portion of the glass.

2. add the whiskey girl and a few ice cubes. stir several times to chill. I like my drinks very cold, so sometimes I will add more ice to stir and then remove some of the cubes before drinking to avoid the watered down effect.

3. garnish with an apple slice.

the best part? whiskey girl is coming to atlanta soon and you can also buy it online here. check out whiskey girl on facebook, twitter, and instagram. tag your own apple maple old fashioned and any other whiskey girl cocktail with #MyWhiskeyGirls. cheers!