Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I had the best time at my dutch friend's holiday party over the weekend! this holiday get together was something totally unique, inspired by the dutch tradition of sinterklaas. not only did I learn about a different culture, but I also laughed super hard (thank you, glühwein) since the tradition requires gift giving and poem writing. more specifically, we all wrote sinterklaasgedicht for the surpriseavond.

sinterklaas is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on december 5th, you can read more about the tradition of sinterklaas here. for this sinterklaas party, we were assigned someone's name with the task of buying them a $20 gift and writing a poem. the gifts were to be anonymous, given by sinterklaas, but most of us figured out our gift-giver. especially since I was assigned stephen and I not-so-secretly disappeared from him in macy's for 20 minutes earlier that day. then he asked me point blank and I confessed. I am a terrible liar.

I was really nervous to read my poem, I whipped it up last minute on my iphone but it wasn't too terrible. of course, the first person to read their poem happened to be an english teacher so that did not help ease my nerves, nor did the others mentioning they wrote haikus. I don't even remember what a haiku is. my poem rhymed, about 80% of time. see what I did there, rhyme and time? ok here it goes....

a little treat under the tree
this gift may be for you
but really it's for me
the more you have
the fewer chores they'll be
inside them out if need be
just don't let me see
either way, this gift
means less laundry!

my poem accompanied new underwear. HAHA. I thought it was hilarious and ahem, practical. the poems were hysterical all around. I love this tradition since sometimes we can get so wrapped up in gift giving, it seems like just checking people off the list. these poems were personal and served as the focal point of the gift.

this poem accompanied a furry steering wheel cover. hehe.

if you find yourself attending a sinterklaas party, you can read more tips on writing your first sinterklaas poem here. bonus points if you include some dutch.

I also got to try my very first glühwein at this party. it's sort of like mulled wine, but obviously cooler since it has a foreign name. this hot wine was amazingly good. I love apple cider but this stuff was just so drinkable, not too sweet. photo and recipe can be found here

all in all, it was an enjoyable night and I better get invited to a sinterklaas party again next year! hint, hint. also I feel compelled to make my family members write poems to accompany christmas gifts this year....

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