Wednesday, December 16, 2015

pasta making class at bellina alimentari

last week, I went to a pasta making class at bellina alimentari over in ponce city market. I'm not sure where to start. first, if you haven't been to bellina - definitely put it on your list. the funghi panini is the bomb (and vegetarian!) and you absolutely must have a rocky marciano cocktail to start your night. the small, intimate setting is perfect for a girl's night or date night. they have even cute little booths for two. 

we showed up for our class a bit early and grabbed a drink at the bar to start. then we were shown to the back room to get cooking! mmmm just looking at this pasta makes me hungry.

the back room was all set up including individual pasta making instructions, aprons, and flour bowls with fresh eggs for our pasta dough. our bowls were filled with two types of flour, semolina and white wheat 00 type.

we got right into it with our class of 10 people, pouring our flour mixture on the table and kneading in freshly whisked eggs to form a dough. as easy as this sounds, my eggs found a way to run over my flour dome and cause enough chaos for the chef to come over and rescue my dough. note, this step was not captured since our hands were completely covered in egg and flour. just imagine with me.

we then sliced thick chunks out the "loaves" of pasta dough and began to thread them through the pasta maker to thin them out. multiple thinning rounds later, we had ourselves very thin dough ready for slicing. the consistency of the dough at this point reminded me of fruit leather!

once the dough was thin enough for slicing, the chef cut it into paper sized sheets. we then fed the sheets through the pasta maker for whichever size noodles we wanted, from angel hair to pappardelle.

we each got to take home our dough and freshly sliced pasta. we cooked the remaining pasta in boiling water and salt for about two minutes and tossed the cooked noodles with a vegetable red sauce before serving. the chef finished the plating with a drizzle of olive oil and we dug in. the portion was just right, so simple and satisfying.

I had a great night of pasta making at bellina and can't wait to whip up a fresh pasta dish for dinner soon. I would definitely recommend bellina's classes, this class was budget friendly and time friendly as it lasted just over an hour. for the novice cook like myself, my attention span starts to cap out at an hour and this was just perfect. bon appetit!


  1. this turned out so well!! i have always wanted to do something like this--i'm half italian, but such a bad cook!

    1. you should check out bellina! the small class size was nice for anyone that needed extra help from the chef, myself included :)

  2. This sounds like so much fun, I wish there was a place that did cooking classes like this near would be the perfect date night!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista