Thursday, December 24, 2015

key west butterfly conservatory

last year, we went to the key west butterfly and nature conservatory for the first time. I normally like these kinds of places but last year, I was not feeling very well that morning. I went anyway to prevent FOMO and I was so glad I did. it was unlike any place I've been, with thousands of butterflies frolicking peacefully everywhere. butterflies flying in front your eyes, landing on you, opening their gorgeous wings... it was a sight to be seen for sure. of all the places I've traveled in the world, this butterfly garden is one of my favorite places to visit.

it's no surprise we wanted to visit the butterfly conservatory again this year during our trip to key west. I love the blue morpho butterflies, the ones with the bright blue interior wings. on the outside, they are brown and sort of average looking in terms of the butterfly competition. but when they open their wings, it's game over. these butterflies are the fairest of them all. it's extremely difficult to get a photo of these since their brown wings show when they sit still. the blue color of their wings shows while they fly, too fast to capture on camera. this year, one of these gorgeous butterflies landed on me by surprise and my day was made.

the beginning of the butterfly process, a caterpillar...






and my favorite, the blue morpho with her intricate brown wings.



I spy with my little eye... can you spot the turtle?





the nature conservatory has other beautiful creatures including birds, turtles, rescued flamingos and more. I love these baby birds that quickly waddle across the walking paths, they're just so cute.


the butterfly and nature conservatory also has a pretty nice gift shop, this year we scooped up a hummingbird christmas ornament to mark the trip. this place is truly one of my favorite places - a must see if you're planning a trip to key west!


  1. How pretty! My husband and I had plans to visit the Butterfly House in Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA a few weeks ago but arrived just after closing. I do love places like that though :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. I've never been! it's on my list, even though it's a bit of a drive from atlanta. I want to check out their christmas stuff too at some point.