Saturday, December 5, 2015

apple cider sangria

along with bringing my sinful sweet potato casserole and s'mores cookie squares for thanksgiving, I also made a new cocktail. last year, I concocted pomegranate champagne punch which was something I'd never tried before and turned out really well - and this year I decided to bring a tried and true apple cider sangria.

my friend jackie served this delicious fall sangria at her halloween party and I loved it since it was refreshingly light. the spiked apple cider I usually make, a recipe from my friend casey, is so delicious but must be made over the stove and kept warm. since there are never spare burners on our stove during thanksgiving, I decided to bring this apple cider sangria instead and it was a hit with everyone! add some festive straws cut in half for extra pizzazz.

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1 bottle of pinot grigio
5 c. apple cider
1 c. caramel vodka
1 chopped apple


mix up all the liquids in a pitcher and stir. add chopped apples for garnish in the pitcher and each glass.