Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 travel in review

I know, everyone is doing a 2015 year in review type thing right now all over social media and the blog world... as commonplace as it is, I think reflecting is a great habit. mostly because I can never remember anything. also as a reminder to be grateful for where you are in life and what you've accomplished. rather than do a comprehensive year in review (even though it was a great year!), I wanted to reflect on my travels this year.  from my last trips with spanx in paris and new york to my first few trips on the new job, plus some awesome vacations in between including cuba - it was a good year for travel. 

as of now I have one work trip to croatia in 2016, which I'm looking forward to - other than that, we have a few weddings to attend and will mostly be trying to save money for big purchases to come. cheers to 2016 - let's see where it takes us!

paris in january - my last trip to paris with spanx

30a florida in march - first day of spring

cuba in april - trip of a lifetime with my mom. read all about it, starting with day 1!

new york in may - my last market trip with spanx

30a florida in may - memorial day with the family

new jersey in june - first day on the new job!

ponte vedra in july - the fourth with family

long beach in july - work trip

birmingham in july - work orientation trip

austin in august - best friend's bachelorette

jacksonville in august - work trip

dallas in october - best friend's wedding

north georgia mountains in october - vacation at the hearthstone lodge

college station in november - a&m v auburn game

key west in december - christmas with the family

well, that sums up my travel in 2015. it's interesting to look back and see where I was month by month over the past year, and what each of those locations meant. I spent a lot of time in texas since my best friend got married. hopefully stephen and I will have a chance to take another amazing getaway to the north georgia mountains in 2016 and of course, we already plan to spend more beach time with family this summer.

one of the things I usually do at the beginning of the new year is to outline my vacation schedule in excel. it sounds nerdy but I set up a table with available holiday days and put in the vacation I already know to expect, then I start adding a few Fridays off in the summer and am able to carve out a pretty nice vacation plan up front.

with only a few days left of winter vacation, I'm trying to soak in every moment while also getting prepared for the new year by cleaning and organizing a bit. however you prepare for a new year, best wishes to you and yours for a prosperous 2016!

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  1. what a year!! and that's freaking awesome for next year with your croatia trip!!