Sunday, November 8, 2015

warby parker atlanta visit

warby parker has been around for a few years now and while I've wanted to check them out, I have been clinging to my $800 glasses from a few years ago before WP existed. I rarely wear glasses since my prescription is pretty bad and I'm just not in the habit of buying new glasses as they are normally so pricey. 

it just so happened that my mom needed some new glasses and I suggested warby parker. I had some extra money in my FSA and the reasonable prices at WP definitely have had me tempted... I offered to go with her knowing that I may find a pair of my own too. both of us ended up finding the perfect pair, and not surprisingly, they look pretty similar. like mother like daughter.

the interior at warby parker atlanta is clean and meticulous, much like a library. I love the way they displayed decorative books, one color per column, see two pictures below. we were the first customers in the shop on a saturday and it became quite crowded shortly after we arrived. we brought our prescription from the eye doctor and we were ready to play dress up with all the options in the shop.

I was surprised by the knowledge of the staff and the good service. we were met by a sales associate who recommended pairs for us to try based on our preferences. even when we decided on a pair, she continued to offer additional options to be sure we were sure. once we finalized our choices, we were met by an optician who explained the glasses in further detail. he measured where our eyes sat in the frames and took an additional measurement and we were good to go!

I chose the vaughan in eastern bluebird fade and opted to have the high-index lenses to thin out my thicker lenses due to my high prescription. this option was only $30 and made my total come out to $125. pretty amazing given these are the coolest yet cheapest pair of glasses I've ever owned. I can't wait to get them in the mail and hopefully wear them a lot as an alternative to contacts. my eyes are usually dry since I wear contacts all day long, these glasses will hopefully finally get me to trade in my contacts for at least one day a week. fingers crossed!

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