Wednesday, November 11, 2015

merry mailbox season

growing up, I loved opening all of my parents' holiday cards. in most cases, I didn't even know who the cards were from but I always enjoyed ripping through the envelopes to check out the photo cards and well wishes. one year, I organized all the cards in a little brown wicker basket and placed it on an end table in the living room. the next year, I hole punched the corners and put all the cards on a key ring for easier flipping. I wanted all the cards to be preserved through the holidays, didn't everyone want to peruse the cards like I did?! luckily I'm not a hoarder and the cards got recycled after new years. I still have a special place in my heart for snail mail holiday cards, even though I receive no where near the amount of cards my parents did. I don't need a filing system as they all fit nicely on my pin board and on my fridge. 

ever since college, I've sent my own holiday cards to my friends every year. we all live so far away and I think it's a genuinely nice gesture. I usually buy pretty cards and write a message inside but this year, I jumped on the photo card bandwagon. here are a few of my picks from, and yes, I ordered one of the cards below... just in case you enjoy the suspense of opening holiday cards like I do, I won't ruin it for you here. merry mailbox season, everyone!

all photo cards pictured can be ordered on

if you still need to order your holiday cards, check out - they often have specials and free shipping. I love how shutterfly allows you to 'favorite' different designs and then upload your pictures to see which card and photo combo is the best look. 

I also love that shutterfly has matching return address labels for their holiday cards and of course, I couldn't turn down that option. where do you order your holiday cards? have you picked your card yet? it's so fun and hard to choose sometimes with all the cute websites and designs these days. now on to the hardest part, addressing and stamping! 

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