Monday, November 23, 2015

meatless monday: sweet potato and bean quesadillas

I'm aware this may not be the most appetizing shot of quesadillas ever created, but to be honest, I couldn't wait to eat these! I had been waiting all week to make these sweet potato and bean quesadillas and stephen came home pretty late from work so I snapped one picture and we dug in. 

I love this recipe for so many reasons. first, these quesadillas require 4-5 ingredients, that's it. second, they are ready very quickly once you get your sweet potatoes cooked. and third, this recipe makes a ton which means ample lunch leftovers. the cumin in the sweet potatoes really takes the flavor up a notch. sweet potatoes are so often used to make desserts around this time of year, and I happen to really like the spicy contrast in these quesadillas. sweet potatoes are so versatile and satisfying.

normally, I don't pay too close attention to cheese in recipes since I usually have an abundance to chose from already. I looked into my drawer for mexican cheese and found all I had was cheddar, which was not a good match for this recipe. I got creative when I remembered we had skinny cow queso fresco and chipotle cheese wedges. low cal and mexican flavored, for the win.

I stuffed my quesadillas pretty full with sweet potato and liked them that way. stephen preferred a little less filling so the beans and cheese weren't overpowered by the sweet potato. to each their own. it's funny how my diet has changed since full on embracing a vegetarian lifestyle. before, I never would have eaten quesadillas for dinner - way too many carbs. this week, I've eaten both tortillas and pasta! all in moderation, people.


-2 medium sweet potatoes
-1 can of refried, vegetarian beans
-mexican cheese [I used skinny cow]
-ranch/sour cream/vegan sour cream/salsa [whatever you're feeling to dip]


1. bake sweet potatoes at 400 degrees for one hour, until tender and slightly squishy. remove from heat, let cool for a few minutes. slice the potatoes in half while still warm and using a spoon, pull all the inside of the potatoes out into a bowl. leave only the skins behind, discard.

2. add cumin to the mashed sweet potatoes to your liking, mix well. set aside.

3. get your tortillas ready - create a bit of a work space. one at a time, spread beans on half of the tortilla first and then top the same half with a generous scoop of potato. smooth out the potato. on the other half of the tortilla, spread the cheese. fold the tortilla in half to close and set aside. continue until you've made as many as you'd like. 

4. melt butter in a skillet on medium, until bubbly. add the tortillas and cook as you normally would, flipping after a few minutes.

5. slice and serve. 

makes approximately 10 tortillas' worth of quesadillas (20 triangles)
recipe adapted from the pretty bee

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