Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 things to do in college station, texas

stephen and I went to college station, home of texas a&m, last weekend to watch the a&m vs. auburn game. we love our SEC rivalry. last year, I enjoyed beating auburn at home and this year, he loved beating a&m at home. one of us has to lose, but it's definitely fun either way.

it was stephen's first time to college station and he was so excited to check out the newly redeveloped kyle field, the fourth largest stadium in college football. I have to say it was quite breathtaking. college station is a pretty large college town so if you find yourself in aggieland - be sure to check out my top 5 things to do! 

5. go tent sale shopping a unique thing about college station is all the different tent sales you can check out on the weekends. there's one on university ave, as you drive into campus and another huge one on holleman and wellborn. check out c.c. creations for more information. there's so much aggie gear at these tent sales. on my recent trip, I scored three different aggie serving platters, a rain jacket, tank top, yoga pants, koozies, baseball hat, and more. the prices are super reasonable too, which makes it even harder to turn down those impulse buys.

4. burgers and beers at the dixie chicken if you go to college station, you have to stop at the dixie chicken. an aggie staple since 1974 and the original place for students to dunk their rings. pitchers are less than $10, who can say no to that!

3. northgate this is the strip of bars central to campus where everyone goes. the dixie chicken is on northgate, along with the corner bar, logan's, chimy's, and a ton of other bars to check out. stop by bottle cap alley and our shot bar called the dry bean. I also used to love going to kyoto sushi for a quick sake bomb to start the night, but it looks like they've closed. 

2. explore the texas a&m campus must-see spots include the century tree, memorial student center, the quad, the bush library, and kyle field. you can also drive over to sorority row if you're interested in checking out the greek houses, on olympia and athens drive.

1. fightin' texas aggie football the newly redeveloped kyle field is insane. get there early to tailgate in spence park, be sure to catch the band's performance at half time and watch the stadium sway during the aggie war hymn.


  1. Did kyoto sushi close? Sarah, Erica, and I just took sake bombs there in August when we were in town for the DZ 40th Anniversary luncheon! They had all new different types of sake bombs, but we went old school. lol

    1. the sign was still on northgate, but when I googled it - everything came up as closed due to health code issues :/ it was the one thing in CS that I didn't get to do!