Wednesday, October 7, 2015

q&a with pure barre kennesaw

exciting news for kennesaw area residents!! soon you will be able to lift.tone.burn with pure barre kennesaw. kennesaw resident amy markle is working fast and furious to unveil her new studio and fantastic team of instructors this winter 2015. 

amy’s passion for pure barre and empowering others eventually drove her to leave her atlanta advertising job to open her own kennesaw pure barre studio. we caught up to discuss the details - taking a calculated leap of faith, the importance of cultivating a community within a corporation, and amy’s advice for other women who want to embark on making their dream a reality!

      Q. what made you want to open a pure barre studio?
      A.  I fell in love with my first pure barre class. the workout was addicting for me. I became wrapped up in attending classes but even more so in the studio environment and the strong sense of community that I felt from being a member. my background is in marketing, and I felt that opening my own pure barre studio would give me a unique opportunity to combine what I loved, believed in and genuinely enjoyed doing with my business expertise. I am so excited to spend my time following my passion and empowering others. also, it doesn’t hurt that pure barre is such an easy service to sell – you truly see amazing results and changes within such a small amount of time.

Q.  why did you choose to open your studio in kennesaw?
A.  my family lives just outside of kennesaw and my mom is a professor at kennesaw state university, so I had become quite familiar with the area. a couple of my closest friends live in kennesaw as well. the more time I spent dining and participating in various activities in kennesaw, like hiking kennesaw mountain, the more I realized what an amazing fit pure barre would be for the community. I am truly blown away by the growth of kennesaw. the university is the 3rd largest in georgia, not to mention, the campus is stunning. downtown kennesaw is also exploding; there is so much to do in kennesaw and I know it will only continue to grow. I just purchased my first home in kennesaw, right next to swift/cantrell park and I have fallen in love with the location. I can’t wait to bring pure barre to kennesaw!

Q.  what’s your favorite pure barre memory? 
A.  my favorite pure barre memory would have to be attending training with my team. pure barre training is extremely rigorous, but having the experience to bond with my team over the course of 4 days at the corporate training facility in spartanburg, SC was wonderful. it rained the entire time we were at training, and we only had one umbrella between us, so there was a lot of dashing from awning to awning in downtown spartanburg, but I wouldn’t have picked any other group of people to do it with! I feel so lucky to have found such a dedicated, hard-working, strong group to represent pure barre kennesaw. I am grateful for the opportunity to know each and every one of the instructors and I am so excited for our clients to get to know them as well.

Q.  can you share some advice to anyone else who wants to do something similar?
A.  you will have to take a leap of faith. it is easy to get hung up on every single hypothetical scenario and every reason why it is safer to stay at your current job, but at a certain point you have to tell yourself, “I can do this and I just need to take it one day at a time.” when you focus on the present as opposed to worrying about the future, you will be surprised to see how quickly all the pieces begin to fall together. pure barre corporate has been a great resource to me since this is my first entrepreneurial endeavor, and I have found that other pure barre owners are willing to bend over backwards to help each other out in any way possible. if anyone is interested in opening their own pure barre studio (or any business for that matter) I would be happy to provide more information on my experience. my email is

Q.  ok we're in! give us the studio details – location, opening date, website, social sites?
A.  pure barre kennesaw is aiming to open early winter of 2015. we will be located near the intersection of cobb pkwy and barrett pkwy - please follow us on facebook for the announcement of our exact location and opening date!

                 instagram: @purebarrekennesaw

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