Friday, October 30, 2015

amicalola falls

as I mentioned, I did do some pre-planning for our trip to the mountains. I made a google map of local vineyards and apple orchards and that was the extent of it. as stephen and I were packing for our trip, I mentioned we might want to bring some active gear. luckily, we did because as soon as we got to our b&b, our innkeepers told us about amicalola falls - the largest cascading falls east of the mississippi river.

stephen was immediately interested and my wineries didn't open until 11am so we did have some time to kill. the falls were about an hour away from our b&b and were well worth it. we hiked something like 700 steps to get to the top of these beautiful sights.

once you get to the top of the falls, you can hike up a bit further to the amicalola lodge. we checked out the gift shop and the panoramic views of the mountains and then headed back down the other side of the mountain. on the way up, our trail was mostly stairs and on the way back, it was a more typical hike with lots of rocks and small creeks. very pretty, serene, and quiet compared to the jam packed stairs!

hiking this rigorous climb made my winery visit and cheese plate all the more enjoyable!