Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 ways to be the best long distance bridesmaid

given that I moved to another state after undergrad, I have served as a long distance bridesmaid or maid of honor multiple times! as you may know, my best friend in texas just recently got married and I was her long distance maid of honor [luckily she also had a local matron of honor and an amazing mother and sister in law to help]. honestly, sometimes it sucks. you want to be there for your friend for all the special moments, but with the distance, it's just not possible to be present for absolutely everything.

so how can you make the most of your long distance role? over the years, I have flown in for wedding dress shopping days, showers, and bachelorette parties... and here's what I've learned, five ways to be a badass long distance bridesmaid!

1. do the invitation research. whether it's the bridal shower or bachelorette, pick out several invites online via etsy or your local stationery store. email the other hosts the proofs and take votes to decide the winning invite. find the links to the invites below, bachelorette and shower.

2. offer to send out the invitations and manage the RSVPs. order the chosen invites and ask the mother of the bride and bride for their invitation list. the final touches: hand address the invites, be sure to buy the wedding edition stamps, and send them out 6 weeks in advance. be sure to list your contact information on the invitations!

3. organize the bachelorette favors. buy the gifts online (helloooo etsy) and have them shipped to a local bridesmaid or host so that you won't have to carry them on the plane. check out these bachelorette swag bags I made for a destination bachelorette party. I had all the gifts shipped to a local bridesmaid and she brought them to the bachelorette - you can fit a lot more in a car than in a suitcase!

4. record the gifts. while you likely won't be able to help prepare a lot of food or decorations with the local hosts ahead of time, you can be a great help during the shower. organize a list of all invited guests ahead of time, alphabetical by last name. write down each guest's gift as the bride opens them at the shower so the bride can easily write her thank you notes later. how awesome is my bedazzled clipboard below from the MOB!? the final touches: be sure to chat with all guests during the shower to make them feel welcome, walk around to offer drink refills, and take guests' empty plates.

5. write a sweet and thoughtful toast for the rehearsal dinner or wedding day. if the bride asks you to make a speech at the wedding, be sure to put thought into this moment. the worst speeches are those that were obviously not given much thought ahead of time. keep it short, to the point, flattering, and end with a raised glass to the happy couple.

6. bonus! coordinate a joint gift from all the bridesmaids such as a set of pots and pans or even a heartfelt scrapbook.

so that's my advice on how to make the best of a long distance bridal scenario, have you been in the same situation or have any advice to share?


  1. Im actually doing this for my best friend right now! So far Ive done everything on your list ;) thanks!

    1. I'm happy this post helped! enjoy this fun time with your friend!

  2. This is a lovely list! I was thinking about asking a friend who's abroad in Australia to be one of my bridesmaids, but have been nervous about it! Generally, I was going to do everything solo, but we'll see now that I have this list to consider!

    Simply Lovebirds