Friday, September 18, 2015

fashion friday: two-toned booties

so I've mentioned it before in another post, but I have sort of a funny confession to make about my style in the early years. I would not wear the color brown. I deemed it a lesser, more casual alternative to black. why would I want to buy something brown? I mean it wouldn't go with anything in my wardrobe. in my mind, there were girls who wore black and there were girls who wore brown. I had picked to wear and invest in a black-based wardrobe and that was that. verrry rigid, I was in those days!

fast forward to now, I still don't love the color brown but I do love to mix camel in with black. it lends itself to an edgy mix, in the case of these two-toned booties - streamlined on top and almost architectural on bottom. the subtle contrast of the stacked neutral heel has definitely grabbed my attention this fall.

clockwise from left
addie, vince
cayanne leather peep-toe, paul green
faye, vince
yorktown, jeffrey campbell
frida world, kenneth cole reaction


  1. hahahaha "and that was that. verrry rigid, I was in those days!" Love it! I have no comment.

    1. hey, at least I'm honest right?! have a great weekend! XO