Friday, September 4, 2015

fashion friday: boot roundup!

being that I was born in texas, my first pair of boots were baby pink kiddo boots that I wore to the rodeo. doesn't get more texas than that! after those early years in texas, we moved around a bit and I attended middle school in minnesota. don't get me started on fashion up there, I failed miserably. fast forward to high school and college back in texas. I didn't buy my first pair of adult boots until a sorority date party my freshman year. I ran to cavendar's and bought the first pair I could find that had both brown and black in coloring since I mostly wear black and wanted them to match.

I had those boots for 10 years until I realized that I really needed an update. I've embraced the concept that brown boots mix with black attire and that opened up a world of options. a bachelorette party this summer made me take the plunge to buy new boots! I bought the turquoise babies below and I can't wait to wear them to the a&m v. auburn game this fall in college station. I'm a little concerned I've created a monster with this post research... I honestly want every single pair of boots pictured below. from trendy fringe to americana stars and stripes to girly girl floral and rustic sparkles - these boots have got you covered!

clockwise, from left
old west barnwood vintage turquoise, zappos $138
liberty black fringe, on sale here $280 (normally $350)
laredo stars and stripes, cavendars $150
old west shiny black, zappos $128
deborah studded in anthracite, frye $728
stetson flora, zappos $330


  1. This post seriously gets me...I literally have like five pairs of cowboy boots & I can't help it-they're just so fab!
    Do you mind if I do a boot roundup of my favorite picks...I just love that name and the idea of this post, I'll definitely mention you and tag your post in mine :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

    1. hi jordyn, sure thing - can't wait to see your picks! XO