Wednesday, September 16, 2015

fall's favorite candles

I set out to scour the interwebs on this post of fall's best candles. I started at bath and body works and I didn't really see a need to go much further, holy cow, their fall scent selection is out of control this season. but because this isn't an ad for bath and body works, I did check out a few more places so I could round up the best candles of the season. 

I am not typically a fan of dessert scented candles, but if you are, it seems this season is for you. from fireside marshmallow to pumpkin pecan waffles, go ahead and indulge at zero calories per sniff. and in case you're not rooting for the aggies - check out yankee's large selection of other collegiate options. enjoy!

clockwise from left
pumpkin pecan waffles, bath and body works
apple pumpkin, yankee
chai pumpkin, pier 1
radient red maple, bath and body works
harvest apple, pier 1


  1. I love the apple scents of this season, but I think my favorite from Bath & Body Works right now is Pumpkin Cranberry! :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

    1. yummy! I'm heading to the mall this weekend, I'll have to add that to my shopping list :)