Monday, August 17, 2015

piedmont park arts festival

how is it possible that I've lived in atlanta for four years now and have never been to the piedmont park arts festival? the thing with art festivals is that you never know what to expect... will it be a few booths with turkey leg stands and funnel cake joints OR uber upscale booths with swanky glassware and do-not-touch signs?

piedmont park arts festival was just right! there were booths with gorgeous art work that you could easily drop a pretty penny on and also some affordable, unique pieces scattered throughout. I left with a hanging beveled glass terrarium and a copper hummingbird feeder. afterward we had a drink at park tavern and enjoyed a leisurely summer afternoon.

my mom and I, and tons of others people, were drawn to these geometric air plant terrariums hanging from the oriskany glass booth. the little air plant inside each fixture only has to be watered once a week. we picked up three and I already wish I would've bought more...

next we wandered over to a copper hummingbird feeder booth. last week, we saw a hummingbird on our balcony - they're attracted to lantana flowers. I explored the booth to see if there was anything that would work on my apartment balcony to attract more hummingbirds. 

then I spotted these beautiful feeder stakes to put in a potted plant! just add a homemade sugar water mixture to the little jars and hummingbirds are also attracted to the red tops. these feeders were invented by a woman with 22 years of experience as a zookeeper caring for hummingbirds! the containers are adorable and bee-proof since the hole in the center is perfectly crafted for the hummingbird's long nose, the bees can't get into the sugar water. if you know me, you know I hate bees so this was a definite selling point.

a humble reminder to shop sooner rather than later...

there were lots of food trucks, including this adorable sunshine sammies truck with build your own ice cream sandwiches! the arts festival also coincided with the weekly farmer's market so we strolled through, I picked up a bag of local peaches.

we ended our afternoon at park tavern with a delicious kale caesar salad and a glass of wine. piedmont park arts festival will definitely be on my list to attend again next year - what a great way to spend a leisurely saturday in the city.

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