Monday, August 3, 2015

bachelorette swag bags

one of my favorite parts of planning last week's boots and bling bachelorette party was creating the bachelorette swag bags. these bags were really fun to put together over the past few months and were a festive surprise for all the girls. remember going to birthday parties as a kid and receiving a goody bag... these bags are the grown up and girly version!

I loved researching tons of gift options and trying to find the best favors possible, the bags turned out even better than I thought they would and we all got tons of use out of the swag bags - from the monogrammed tumblers out at barton creek to the personalized hair bands.

each swag bag included:
monogrammed tumbler
champagne tote bag
mini tito's vodka shooter
team bride tank
custom 'to have and to hold your hair back' hair bands
spanx everyday shaping boyshort

I found the bags on etsy and labeled each of them individually since some items were sized and monogrammed. my mom generously contributed the monogrammed tumblers which turned out to be fantastic. I had no idea how much use we'd get out of these over the weekend. on saturday, we mixed up a big batch of spiked lemonade, filled up our tumblers, and headed to barton creek. I'm going to go out on a limb and say no bachelorette party is complete without tumblers of some sort going forward. they were that awesome.

I love these hair bands which were personalized to say 'hollie's bachelorette: to have and to hold your hair back.' I chose a tie-dye purple and pink pattern along with the quatrefoil print, the etsy shop was great to work with in terms of customized fabrics. these were also incredibly useful over the weekend! I kept seeing the bands in the girls' hair throughout the weekend, a girl can never have too many hair bands.

these days, no bachelorette party is complete without matching tanks. we ordered ours from and each girl was able to select her size and pay online individually, which made it easy for us.

lastly, since the bachelorette party was in austin, texas - we threw tito's vodka mini bottles in for a little added texas touch. 

overall, the boots and bling swag bags were a hit! I'd love to see other bachelorette goody bags or favors, leave a link in the comments...

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