Monday, August 31, 2015

a perfect saturday

how often can you say that you leisurely enjoyed a saturday exactly how you wanted to spend it? with so many things to do and places to be, it's a rarity to have the majority of an entire day to yourself. last weekend, stephen was studying non-stop for the CPA so he was out of commission, plus we got most of our chores around the house done friday night and saturday morning. and after that - it was my choice how to spend my saturday!

my saturday included donuts, a warm yin yoga class, manicure and pedicure with wine, a stop for fresh flowers, and starting a new book. what does your dream saturday consist of and what's stopping you from carving out the time for yourself every once in a while?

first, we started with a stop at davinci's donuts for yummy treats and coffee. they are mini donuts and basically don't even count. I finally crossed fruity pebble donut off my list and it did not disappoint. then again, neither did the oreo, raspberry cheesecake, m&m, or french toast donuts.

after breakfast, stephen started studying and I left for a warm yin yoga class, focused on stretching. I went to two fast paced flow classes last week and my back has been really uncomfortable. this class was super slow paced and nurturing. plus I didn't even break a sweat which made going for a mani and pedi much more enjoyable.

my nail salon is better than yours... wine, please and thank you. I went with a warm and shiny nude on my fingers and my standby red on my toes. I call it the "season neutral" look.

after my nail appointment, I popped in the grocery store and picked up some gorgeous blue hydrangeas. if only they would've had the new reese witherspoon southern living out already.

finally I returned home and started lena dunham's book on the couch. stephen took a break from studying and I cooked zucchini turkey bolognese for dinner. then I promptly returned to reading. happy saturday, however you choose to spend it!


  1. This looks like absolutely the perfect Saturday (I also think we would be best hydrangeas, Southern Living, reading a book on the couch, and mani/pedis with wine? yes please!)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

    1. great minds think alike! have a great week XO