Friday, July 24, 2015

weeknight wind down at gypsy kitchen

last week, I caught up with a good friend for happy hour and dinner. she suggested gypsy kitchen and I was on board with little to no expectations since I haven't heard much since its recent opening.

oh my gosh, I really liked gypsy kitchen. the ambiance is so on point, it really feels as if you stepped into spain - luxurious and low key. ok, I haven't been to spain, but I'm confident this is what it would feel like. the cocktail list is heavily influenced by spices and is highly unique, I ordered a seville rose which consists of vodka, apricot, an egg white and other special ingredients. it was too pretty to not instagram. the experience kept getting better as we ordered our food.

as soon as you walk in, you're greeted by friendly hosts and a stately bar that begs you to order a cocktail. who can say no to that?

we ordered a bunch of small plates to share including the featured croqueta of the day [cod], chicken croqueta, garlic shrimp, patatas bravas [always a favorite of mine], and tomato fresco toast.

I love patatas bravas and some are better than others. simply put, these are up there with the best. the chicken croqueta was very good and the garlic shrimp were absolutely huge. what surprised me the most was the tomato fresco toast. I expected a variation of bruschetta, but this was different. the tomato fresco toast turned out to be a thick piece of dense toast smothered in fresh tomato jam. when I say jam, I mean it for consistency not sweetness. I couldn't believe the taste, very fresh and modern in approach.

the patio was popping even for a weeknight - I can definitely see coming up here once it cools down a bit when we start heading into fall. a rich glass of red wine on the patio with a few tapas honestly sounds like paradise, in the meantime, sangria will do the trick to combat these high temps. the patio features large, round tables which would be perfect to relax and socialize with a large group of friends.

gypsy kitchen and it's neighbor southern gentleman are must-visit new kids on the buckhead block!

some photos via gypsy kitchen facebook page

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