Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the well stocked wine bar

back when I was in college, I used to dream about the days when I would finally have my own apartment. I spent all four years of college living in the freshman dorm and the sorority house. of course, sorority living has its perks [ahem, homemade desserts at every meal and a million of your closest friends] but I often longed for a place to call my own to host friends and be able to have a pet. long before pinterest existed, I would research and daydream about new furniture and hosting dinner parties. as you can tell, I was great at creating mental distractions while studying at the library.

I was picking up some wine a few days ago and remembered a book I read ages ago about how to stock a wine bar to ensure you're always ready for impromptu occasions and visitors. I can't remember what varietals the book suggested, but the concept definitely stuck with me over the years. I make sure to always have a wide variety of wine on hand so that we're ready for any occasion on the fly - pick up a few of these bottles and you'll always be ready to welcome visitors and toast whatever occasions may pop up. cheers!

occasion // girls' night or an impromptu visit from a friend
recommendation //  a light, fun rosé or vinho verde (mulderbosch and casal garcia pictured)

occasion // light and crisp dinner pairing, easy bottle to share with company over appetizers
recommendation // a new zealand sauvignon blanc (matua pictured)

occasion // impromptu visit from family (I suggest keeping a bottle or two on hand of your parents' and in-laws' favorite)
recommendation // chardonnay (j. lohr pictured)

occasion // celebration! new job, engagement, promotion, or maybe just TGIF! bubbles can also work for sad occasions such as a break up, just reframe it into a celebration of being single and fabulous.
recommendation // bubbles, such as prosecco or champagne (riondo prosecco pictured)

occasion // dinner party at home, interesting reds to impress your guests
recommendation // fun, velvety red like shiraz or grenache

occasion // substantive and smooth dinner pairing, easy bottle to share with company
recommendation // pinot noir (lucky star pictured)

occasion // a romantic dinner at home, think filet mignon
recommendation // cabernet sauvignon (sterling pictured)

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