Monday, July 20, 2015

the cuban tablescape

a few months ago, my mom and I traveled to cuba for a week. it was an amazing trip, one to remember for a lifetime. to read all about our adventures, day by day, click here to start with day one.

if you've already read all about our trip to cuba, you know how obsessed I was with the cuban tablescape. almost every paladar (restaurant) we ate in featured tables dressed with white or beige embroidered runners and tablecloths. on top of the gorgeous, dainty tablecloths sat mismatched, eclectic china. some paladars also had brightly colored glassware mixed in. the overall result was so classically cool... like here's a bunch of nice stuff, but I'm not trying too hard because it doesn't match, it just goes. 

I vowed to make the cuban tablescape happen back at home. I bought a hand embroidered blue runner from the sweetest lady at a market in trinidad. sadly, I hadn't made much progress past the runner. for my birthday last week, my mom completely surprised me with beautiful complementary china she hand picked with my sister and aunt. I couldn't be more obsessed.

I love the mix and match-abilty of these plate sizes and patterns. I can stack up to three plates, below, or have two and two for a main course and salad, above.

excuse the wrinkled tablecloth, between my new job and lots of travel lately - ironing a tablecloth did not make the to do list this week!

here's a closer shot for pattern's sake. this may be the one time I wish for a dslr camera, normally I don't have time for that, but in this case - the iphone shots aren't doing these patterns quite enough justice. so beautiful!

my new cuban tablescape is the perfect excuse to host a get together at my place. thank you to my mom, sister, and aunt for being so creative and thoughtful. just like the memories from our trip, these pieces will stay with me for a lifetime.

and for reference - here are a few of the tablescape shots I took in cuba... mission accomplished!

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