Wednesday, July 29, 2015

my best friend's bachelorette: part one

I'm almost too tired to write this post! what a weekend... we hosted an awesome bachelorette party for our girl in austin, texas and of course, we spared no detail. the matron of honor, sister-in-law, and I make a great team - I'm eternally grateful for these ladies and happy this wedding has brought us closer. 

our theme was boots and bling because it's austin-casual with a touch of sparkle for festivity since the bride loves bling! we started by renting the most fabulous party pad and finding the most perfect invitations...

you may already know this from experience, but it can be incredibly hard to rent a home on vrbo or homeaway once you have upwards of 10 people to sleep. the quality just goes downhill quickly with slim pickings... you've seen the listings, sleeps 10 including a cot in the closet. um, no.

as soon as I found this place at the beginning of the year, I scooped it up along with the invitations from etsy above!

the downstairs floor had five beds all in sort of a communal setting which is perfect for a bachelorette or bachelor party. the hosts and the bride slept on the main floor king bed and loft beds.

between the three of us, we went all out with decor - I found some cute printables and the bride's sister-in-law created a few more coordinating custom signs to go with the theme. she gold-glitter spray painted black frames from ikea and dropped the prints inside. they were great to move around throughout the weekend for photo ops and meal decor. the bride's sister-in-law also chalk-painted champagne flutes for each guest, gold-glitter dipped champagne bottles, and made all the awesome tulle balls in the photos.

while the girls were decorating, I was busy stuffing the bachelorette swag bags for all the guests! because everyone loves presents (and these bags), right?! stay tuned for a post on the guest swag bags soon.

once the bride and the guests arrived, we uncorked some wine and made personal pizzas on mini pizza stones. it was so easy, fun, and yummy! since everyone had to travel to get to austin, we planned for the first night of the party to be a chill night at the house in pajamas for the lingerie shower portion of the weekend.

after we ate dinner, it was time for the lingerie shower. the matron of honor was in charge of party games throughout the weekend and wow, she did an amazing job. as the bride opened her lingerie, each guest anonymously entered a name for each outfit. the bride then chose the winning name for each - the names were so funny, they ended up leaving us with jokes that lasted through the entire weekend and are also not appropriate to type here so you will have to use your imagination! it was a great game to get the audience involved and make opening presents more fun for everyone.

the matron of honor's lingerie gift was also a game in itself. I told you, these girls are amazing, right?! each gift bag spelled out a different letter in the word 'bachelorette' - the gift inside started with the letter on the bag. each guest had a notecard and had to guess what gift was in each bag, the girl with the most combined points won a prize! for example, the bag with a B written on it had a bra inside for the bride, and so on.

after we finished with presents, we headed back to the kitchen to cut the bachelorette cake. I am obsessed with how our boozy bachelorette barbie cake turned out. I definitely felt like a weirdo ordering a barbie and barbie clothes online, but you do what you have to do when planning wedding related festivities for your best friend!

If you're looking to duplicate the barbie shown below - I used this barbie (she comes with the tiara, necklace, and shoes) and bought this white outfit separately. make sure to add a little tulle veil which you can't really see in this photo.

it was a relaxing and fun first night of the party... be sure to check out bachelorette day two where we ventured to barton springs and had a night out on the town.

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