Friday, July 17, 2015

mercedes-benz visitor center museum

german engineering. southern hospitality.

if you are a mercedes-benz enthusiast or you happen to find yourself near vance, alabama - definitely check out the beautiful, newly redesigned visitor center AKA mercedes museum and plant. I had the unique opportunity to visit last week and learned a lot about mercedes-benz, AMG, and automobiles in general.

from a model of the world's first automobile (benz patent motor car, 1886) to the mercedes-benz factory plant tour, you will not be disappointed. along with the visitor center, I also recommend visiting the factory plant for a tour of where five mercedes-benz models are produced. there are no photos allowed in the factory, but do yourself a favor - google kuka robots and let your mind run wild... the marvel of manufacturing is real.

for more than 20 years, mercedes-benz has been manufacturing some of its most popular models right down the road in alabama. the visitor center and factory tour are interactive and evolving views through some of the greatest innovations and most promising concepts to come.

after the factory tour, head over to the museum and start with the world's first automobile pictured below. you have to hear about berta benz and how without her - it wouldn't have been possible! if there is a guided tour available, I recommend it over self guided.

next you'll see an orange test car and learn about the insane number of safety parents that mercedes-benz holds. most cars on the road actually have mercedes-benz DNA - mercedes sells the safety patents for $1 to other car manufacturers so that all cars on the road can be engineered more safely. oscar, the first crash test dummy, sits in the driver's seat.

wander over to the AMG and racing area to see some pretty cool cars and engine explanations. AMG is one person, one engine meaning each engine is hand crafted.

next up are the classic cars, with marketing materials and innovations documented along the walls. on the left, you can view marketing campaigns over the years which is pretty cool. on the wall toward the right, you'll see innovations and interesting facts displayed.

read about the classic cars and let it sink in just how far we've come since 1886. who knows what will be next - self driving cars, flying cars... it's an exciting time for mercedes-benz and for the automotive industry as a whole.

600 limousine from 1972

280 SE cabriolet from 1968

300 SL roadster from 1958

streamliner sculpture, french grand prix in 1954

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