Friday, July 10, 2015

long beach [california] recap quickie

last week I headed out to long beach, california for work. we stayed near the long beach airport, I ran up and down the palm tree lined streets and observed lots of airplane related history in the community. although it was a quick trip, we made it out to shoreline village for a view of the queen mary ship and a waterside dinner on our last night.

we had lunch at santa barbara chain restaurant, the habit, twice. their tempura green beans were a nice alternative to french fries.

running down the long beach streets lead me through flower lined golf courses and airplane history, including details about the "first around the world" trip in 1924.

for dinner our last night, we drove to shoreline village and walked along the docks. the 'haunted' queen mary ship is pictured below. the village was lined with candy colored shops and restaurants including a funnel cake stand, chocolate shop, and touristy souvenir stores. we watched the sun go down over the water and smelled the salt from the shore in the air as we finished our dinner.

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