Wednesday, July 22, 2015

happy birthday to me!

just like that, another year has come and gone. luckily, I've had a string of great years lately so I'm happy to be another year wiser. I'll attribute that to being with the most amazing man, spending as much time as I can with family and friends, focusing on my career and philanthropic causes that I care about, and generally attempting a positive attitude through it all [oh and trying to stay healthy and eat right, which may need a little more attention this year!].

I had a fantastic birthday this year, from two family birthdays to my actual birth day with stephen, and finally my friend birthday dinner. cheers to another year!

my first birthday celebration was a joint pool party and grill out with stephen's sister and our families. how sweet is this cake? and delicious too. I had another birthday celebration with my family including a menu of brisket, macaroni and cheese, and my favorite - carrot cake.

my mom's brisket is outstanding, always a crowd pleaser especially for the guys. my family gave me such nice presents including the inspiralized cookbook, mindy kaling's book, a bonsai tree [I've been wanting one], and lots more. I'm so grateful for a family that knows me too well.

the finale of the present opening was a quadruple layer gift which really stumped me. turns out, it was an amazingly thoughtful gift from my mom which basically brought me to tears.

on my actual birth day, stephen and I ventured out to our annual spot to have dinner by the river and split a bottle of wine. it was a beautiful night. don't worry, I was able to pull it together with more festive clothing than the athletic attire I donned for the family birthday above.

even though we were supposedly not doing large gifts this year since we recently bought bicycles for each other - stephen still gave me several awesome gifts, including bright new tennis shoes which I love and really needed [I mean, my shoes had holes in the bottoms]. he really surprised me with this drawing of my kitty, which I have always wanted but don't think I ever mentioned. definitely a special gift!

lastly, we did my birthday dinner with friends. this is the second year that we've celebrated at a local pizza patio, super chill - come and go as you please. order at the counter so we don't have to deal with separate checks or waiting for another drink from the server, and not everyone has to feel obligated to eat [because after a few drinks, I can commit to a liquid dinner]. it doesn't get any more low maintenance than this! we brought sprinkles cupcakes for a sweet ending like we did for stephen's birthday last month [I am hooked].

the bud light lime-a-rita ambassadors were on the scene with drink trials and custom lip gloss flavors. some of us went for the drinks, while others leaned toward the lip glosses as evidenced below.

so far... 28 is great!

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