Wednesday, June 3, 2015

happy birthday to my main squeeze

summer birthdays are the best! we started celebrating stephen's birthday last weekend with a rooftop friend dinner on the westside. the weather was perfect and it was sort of an impromptu celebration, stephen didn't want to make a thing of it - so I secretly dropped off sprinkles cupcakes at the restaurant earlier that day. surprise! no one felt pressured to bring a gift or card since most people didn't know his birthday was approaching. sneaky, right. after cupcakes, we headed down the street for a few more drinks and games at ormsby's.

for stephen's actual birthday, I finally got to try my hand at making his favorite treat - strawberry rhubarb pie. did I mention that I've never made a pie before? it turned out to be delicious!


cupcake snafu: I special ordered the cupcakes and selected an atlanta braves 'A' icon for one of the cupcakes - stephen was not impressed when the icon turned out to be the wrong 'A' - the alabama 'A'. seeing as though half the crowd went to auburn, we all got a good laugh. 

perfect patio weather at 5 seasons brewery on the westside. we ordered several appetizers including the $1.50 warm bread and butter, pimento cheese crostini, and pretzel with mustard. for the main course, I had shrimp and grit cakes and stephen ordered a burger. we all had plenty of cocktails and house-brewed beer from 5 seasons.

a few days later, I set out to make the famous alford family strawberry rhubarb pie that stephen loves. I was so happy to find fresh rhubarb at the grocery store as I was expecting to be forced to use frozen. making this pie wasn't too bad given that I've never made a pie before, other than the fact that I sliced a decent chunk of my thumb off while chopping rhubarb. turns out masking tape and paper towels make great bandages.

once the pie was ready and cooling, we couldn't resist. we both had generous servings on stephen's birthday eve. the more pie, the merrier, right?!

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