Monday, June 29, 2015

montvale's best: fire and oak

I spent last week up in montvale, new jersey for work and a funny thing happened. since I didn't have a rental car, we ended up having dinner at the same place three times in one week! partly because we were exhausted and fire and oak was super convenient, but mostly because the food, drinks, and ambiance were surprisingly impressive. other than the hilton, fire and oak was my home away from home and it felt truly that.

the restaurant interior is beautiful, from the intimate bar area to several separate dining areas, you can enjoy multiple dining experiences at this large restaurant while still feeling semi private since the dining areas are all broken out. the bar was packed for happy hour and the dining rooms were a little more chill with business dinners and date nights. music set an upbeat and busy vibe. I am not a fan of restaurants that consist of one sprawling, massive dining room... fire and oak was the complete opposite and has set the ambiance superbly well throughout all areas of the restaurant.

the first time dining at fire and oak, I chose a sauvignon blanc with crab cakes, coleslaw and truffle parmesan french fries. the second evening at fire and oak, I had a pinot noir and a kobe burger. on our last night, I again went for the crab cakes (they were that good) and chose a lychee pear martini. you guessed it, I had truffle parmesan fries with all three meals. my friend also tried the lobster and crab linguini. all of meals were delicious and thus, we just kept coming back.

if you find yourself in montvale, be sure to stop by fire and oak. you won't be disappointed.

a few photos via tripadvisor and nyc food photography 

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