Thursday, May 7, 2015

outdoor urban oasis

there are few things I love more than enjoying en evening after work on my patio in the spring or fall, watching the sun go down with a cocktail amidst fresh flowers and calm breezes. we have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to plant my spring blooms yet. last year's plants have been staring at me every day... wilted, dead, and depressing. I finally got a chance to hit up pike's nursery and went a little wild!

after coming home and planting them immediately, I'm now all cheery with the windows open - listening to the birds chirp and enjoying the bright colors of my new patio plants. some sunshine and pretty colored blooms can work wonders for your outlook on life. oh and a fresh cocktail al fresco doesn't hurt either.

I headed over to my local pike's nursery at lindbergh and asked an associate for a recommendation on plants that can withstand lots of direct sunlight and don't need a lot of water. he suggested lantana plants, fortunately there were several varieties to choose from and I selected the below plants with pink, yellow, and orange blooms. I then picked a few other solid color blooms in the same colors to mix in and paired with some trailing varieties on the sides for effect.

as soon as I got home, I started playing in the dirt. I brought a big trash can outside with me so I could easily dump the old, dead plants before planting the new blooms in fresh soil. my patio was in need of some serious spring cleaning, so I swept the rug and wiped the pollen filth off the side tables.

an hour or so later and voila - my finished planters! I love these bright colors that mix and match. and there's a bonus - these lantana plants are said to attract butterflies. we already have a decent following of birds since we have a bird feeder, butterflies would be a welcome addition.

I also have basil growing on my patio since I love to make caprese salads [mozzarella, tomato, basil, topped with balsamic] and pizza and pasta with fresh basil. other great herbs to have on hand in the summer are mint and cilantro.

I'm so thankful to have an apartment patio large enough for a few people to relax together outside. I love seeing how other people with small spaces create their urban oasis - leave a link in the comments if you want to share. cheers to patio sunsets!

rug: target
all furniture: home depot
all hanging planters: pike's nursery
bird feeder: home depot
lantern: ikea

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