Sunday, May 10, 2015

new york minute: gramercy tavern + obica mozzarella bar

after long [and successful] work days in the city this past week, we managed to make it out for some notable dinners before crashing at the hotel - an old favorite, gramercy tavern, and a new place for me, obica mozzarella bar.

gramercy tavern is seasonal fine dining and one of my all time favorite restaurants, spurring from the first visit during a girl's trip several years ago. the three course meal is essentially a six course meal with lots of small treats along the way, including a muffin to-go for breakfast the next morning. obica is an italian cucina with mozzarella flown in straight from italy twice a week. so you can't go wrong there. 

gramercy tavern dining room

gramercy tavern
wine: la rioja alta reserva, vina ardanza, 2005 tempranillo
first course: spring greens salad, fingerling potatoes, pancetta, buttermilk dressing
second course: striped bass, mushrooms, lobster, and candied peanuts
third course: petite pecan pie, clementine marmalade, cinnamon cream, chocolate, and bourbon

I licked my plate or at least came as close to possible while still using utensils. ok, let me break down how this "three course meal" actually works:

choice of bread
first course: cheese puff with onion cream
second course: spring greens salad
third course: sea bass
fourth course: palate cleanser
fifth course: petite pecan pie
sixth course: tons of additional assorted mini desserts, including a warm chocolate chip cookie, nutella cookie, moonpie, macaron, and more
seventh course: itsy bitsy bites, spicy salted caramel and pea + mint chocolate
eighth course (for later): wrapped up to-go cinnamon breakfast muffin

I almost want to book another trip just to go back to gramercy tavern...

to-go breakfast!

obica cucina + mozzarella bar
italian pinot grigio
bufala classica + bufala fritti
trofie al pesto

the mozzarella bar is comprised of four choices, all made in campania, italy and certified domination origin protected: bufala classica, bufala affumicata, burrata, and burrata al tartufo. so try saying all that five times fast. by the time you get it, I'll have already eaten all the mozzarella. oops.

all in all, it was a good choice. we actually tried to go to eataly around the corner first, which was unbearably crowded. given that obica didn't have a wait and had cheese in the name, we were sold. I'd go back for cheese and wine.

many of the above photos are borrowed from the restaurants' respective websites/social media

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