Saturday, May 9, 2015

new york minute: chelsea market

this past week, I made a quick jaunt up to new york for work for market week! the weather was surprisingly warm and the streets were bustling as always. in between doing retail store visits and before heading home, I found an extra hour to hit chelsea market for the first time. my highlights include sarabeth's bakery, posman book shop, and the independent designer pop up shop.

everyone raves about sarabeth's and now I can check it off my list! I walked through chelsea market, all the way to the back, and there it was. I wandered in and didn't know what to order or where to find a menu, so in a rush, I chose an almond croissant in the bakery case and a coffee. the almond croissant was simply delicious. I couldn't help myself and ended up buying quite a bit of sarabeth packaged goodies to take home.

after enjoying my croissant, I stumbled upon posman bookstore across the way from sarabeth's. I first noticed the beautiful new york themed coffee table books and then I was drawn into the cookbooks. gorgeous vegetarian cookbooks and one titled the homesick texan definitely caught my eye. of course, I wanted to buy like forty books but was already weighed down enough walking through chelsea market with my suitcase [plus all the sarabeth's items], so I resisted the urge.

I continued to back track toward the front of the market, it was just after 10am and the crowds had massively increased since I stopped for coffee before most of the shops were opened. ID pop up shop had opened and I stopped to check it out.
there were lots of cool pop ups in the shop including vendors selling prints of city maps, clothing, jewelry, and beauty products. but it didn't take long for me to spot the below illustration from across the large shop...

verrier boutique started as a ready to wear fashion line and has now extended to hand glittered illustrations, the company is founded and managed by a mother daughter duo. I perused the prints and cards and could not make up my mind on what to take home with me. here are a few of my favorites, all of which can be found at clockwise from left: champagne is always the answer, my favorite color is leopard, the world is your catwalk, new york state of mind.

overall, chelsea market was better than what I expected. while there were lots of tourists strolling around taking pictures - the shops were pleasantly local and original. there were tons of food options I would love to try if I get the chance to come back including the doughnuttery, eleni's, fat witch bakery, and I wanted to venture into the artists and fleas shop, but going down stairs with my suitcase wasn't exactly an option.

I'd say I definitely made the best of an extra hour in the city. until next time, chelsea market!

a few of the above photos were borrowed from their respective websites/instagram including chelsea market, posman books

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