Friday, May 29, 2015

graduation x2

may marks graduation month and we were happy to celebrate the graduation of my sister and stephen's sister just a few weeks apart. we drove out to auburn, alabama several weeks ago to celebrate katie's graduation and then drove up to kennesaw, georgia for jenna's ceremony this past week. we had a great time in both cities, enjoyed toasting to the grads, and are excited for what's in store for both of them in the future! 

before and after katie's graduation, we explored quite a bit of the auburn campus and took lots of graduation photos. auburn is a pretty campus and it reminds me of my alma mater, texas a&m, in that it feels small and people are super friendly. we stopped at moe's for a bushwacker boozy frosty and then had a nice dinner at provino's while katie opened presents. katie will stay at auburn for another year to complete her masters in accounting.

congratulations, katie!

after the auburn graduation and before dinner, we headed to moe's bar in the middle of campus. I finally got to try a bushwacker for the first time. think of it as a wendy's frosty with a vial of 151 liquor infused. it definitely lived up to the hype!

jenna's graduation took place on a friday night, so we got up to kennesaw early to avoid traffic. we ate dinner at california dreaming while jenna had to arrive early at the ceremony site. we had a great time celebrating her graduation without her, it was seriously odd timing for a graduation. all jokes aside, we had a big cookie cake and presents waiting for her at home and we had a second celebratory dinner with the guest of honor the following evening at cantina laredo. jenna will head off to athens, georgia to start her freshman year at UGA this fall.

we headed to florida after her graduation and celebrated again with mexican food!

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