Wednesday, May 13, 2015

everybody wins! atlanta end of year reading party

today marks another elementary school year of reading in the books! this is my fourth year reading with everybody wins atlanta and the third school that I've read with - highpoint elementary. the everybody wins program was just launched this year at highpoint and we had a strong turnout, but as always, a waiting list of children who need and want volunteer reading mentors. if you're local to atlanta, read more about becoming a volunteer.

one of my favorite things about the everybody wins program is the end of year party with professional storyteller, mama koku. she brings books to life using props and the children get to act out the story live. it is always a roaring good time! this time was no exception, the story was about rabbits who wanted to wear jewelry and the message was to be grateful and not greedy. how cute are these kiddos!

mama koku on the left and the magical tree of wishes (in purple) granting a wish to the rabbit (in green) who is very kind and grateful. I love mama koku's hand drawn masks.

a trio of goblins, a magic tree, and four rabbits... c'mon, use your imagination. although my kindergarten buddy would not volunteer to be a character on stage (too nervous!), she did set a goal to read five thousand books this summer so I'll definitely be following up on that next year. it's great to see the enthusiasm that live storytelling and acting creates within the kids. we also received our framed photos with our buddies and each child wrote a handwritten thank you note to their mentor. 

high point elementary and their awesome multilingual welcome sign at the front of the school. see you again next fall for more reading adventures!

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