Wednesday, May 20, 2015

an evening at atlanta botanical garden

one of my favorite places in atlanta is the botanical garden and I happen to be lucky enough to live about two miles away. my mom and I like going to the garden together for member nights or special events during the week, this time we decided to check out bruce munro's light in the garden exhibit which just opened earlier this month.

often times the garden has a bar set up immediately next to the entrance so of course, we stop there first before embarking on the garden adventure. I tried the featured cocktail, the luminescent, made with basil lemonade, vodka, and garnished with a glow stick. the featured cocktails at the garden are always impressive, all year round.

we sipped on our drinks and strolled toward the fuqua orchid center, below. if you live in the area, I suggest taking uber especially if you plan to enjoy a few cocktails. uber will probably be the same price as the special event parking and you won't have to worry about driving or finding a parking spot.

we passed a special exhibit of munro's on the way, this piece is made of 1 liter recyclable plastic bottles. the artist is best known for immersive, large scale mixed media installations based on his interest of light. the atlanta botanical garden is his sixth solo U.S. exhibition.

while chatting, we continued to meander into the fuqua center and were greeted with the below vertical garden pops of blue, purple, red, and orange set against a stark white wall. so simple and beautiful.

my mom and I adore the massive, flowy, hanging tree roots that are suspended in the orchid center below. when we first visited years ago, I had no clue what the long strands from the ceiling were as I'd never seen anything like them. now we visit them every time we go to the garden, they are really kind of surreal and amazing from a horticulture standpoint. [yes, I used the word horticulture and I even took a class on it in college although I can't remember much.] all throughout the fuqua center, frogs are talking and birds are singing - making it an extra calm and special place within the garden.


we walked toward the back of the center and I spotted these bad boys, succulents that make your head turn. I was overcome with desire to pluck them all, hoard them in my bag, and transplant them to my apartment. I settled for about 10 photos instead.

after strolling through the rest of the orchid center, we stopped for a small dinner at the cafe at linton's. the cafe at linton's recently opened and touts the reputable chef linton hopkins, winner of the james beard award. we noshed on a cheese plate with local cheeses, honey, and nuts and toasted with white wine. afterward, we did a brief walk through of some more of the munro light exhibits and picked up a few pretty things at the gift shop... all in all, it was another fabulous evening in the garden.

the lights in the garden exhibition lasts until october, and I'm sure I'll be back again before then. other fun events that the garden hosts include concerts in the garden, cocktails in the garden, and an event called garden lights which is a holiday light display.

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