Sunday, April 12, 2015

lucy's puppy pawty!

I'll admit I may have been slightly carried away with puppy pawty, it was just so much fun to plan a dog-themed party. weeks ago, stephen mentioned that lucy's birthday was coming up and I started running with the puppy pawty idea and never looked back. and that is how we ended up celebrating the occasion with 8 dogs (and their humans)!

since the weather was fantastic, we grilled out in my building's gated courtyard. the dogs were free to run around and play while we noshed on burgers and booze. I was a little nervous about having all the dogs together, but they were great! and the puppies got a special surprise, peanut butter pupcakes.

beer and wine
hamburgers with all the fixin's
hot dogs
3x chips - jalapeno, sea salt + pepper, traditional
veggie tray
brownies for the humans
peanut butter pupcakes for the dogs

happy birthday lucy! lucy is just the sweetest dog on the planet. her demeanor is so calm and loving, even my cat has warmed up to her. when callie cat sometimes swats at lucy, to remind her who's boss - lucy just turns the other cheek. callie's passive aggressive cat behavior doesn't even phase this dog. we joke that for callie's birthday, she's getting fancy feast and the house to herself. just how she'd like it. lucy is the exact opposite, she loves having people around to hold, pet, and fawn over her.

lucy has never met a human she didn't love. minutes after meeting someone, lucy makes her way into their lap by giving those huge puppy dog eyes.

my very first friend in atlanta, casey. can't believe it's been 4 years!

andria and a very dapper windsor


harper and rocky on the prowl, looking for a chance to snatch david's burger

sweet rocky. the fluffiest, softest dog.

hosting our first puppy party... shout out to stephen, master burger chef!

rolling with the homies

casey and lyla girl

such a happy doggy! soaking up the rays

precious holly, 5 months old, loving the pupcakes. my plan was to set out all the pupcakes and then have the dogs eat them together, but there was no way that was happening. the birthday girl went straight in as soon as I set them out and the rest of the dogs followed suit. these dogs loved the pupcakes, they continued to smell and search around for more after they were all gone!

it was around this point that the birthday girl got pretty tuckered out...

thanks to everyone who came, lucy had so much fun making new doggy friends! we had such a nice day and are thankful for great friendships.

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