Friday, April 10, 2015

fashion friday: lorna jane active

back in my nordstrom days, we would often put on fashion fridays to showcase trends, spotlight designers, and share new products for employee "education." think of it as a trend-focused or themed fashion show! we didn't have a fashion friday every friday, it was always somewhat of a surprise unless you were involved in organizing the show. as soon as everyone knew it was a fashion friday, all employees headed down to the first floor to grab a seat in the front row before the store opened. I loved fashion fridays back then, and now, I'm recreating my own fashion fridays on the blog.

it's only fitting that my first fashion friday would relate back to nordstrom. a few weeks ago, nordy announced a partnership with australian active brand lorna jane for an april 2015 launch. lorna jane also recently opened a shop in galeries lafayette paris. it seems lorna jane is poised for a global take-off!

founded over 26 years ago by lorna jane clarkson, the brand is largely focused on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. the line is comprised of fresh and funky, functional and contemporary pieces that take you from the gym to brunch.

ok details, details... I'm loving these bright inspirational tanks, the messaging is so positive and strong. pair them with pants or shorts you already have for an easy spring update. plus, they're only $43!

lorna jane has definitely bridged the gap between active and ready to wear, probably before any other brand was doing it. her line offers some very contemporary pieces that can be mixed in with your wardrobe outside of active. I found a bright pink, furry, puffy jacket in a lorna jane shop in australia last year. but seriously, how cute are these looks below? I want.

aside from apparel, founder lorna jane clarkson has also published three books about active living with recipes and more. 

discovering lorna jane in australia last year was such a fun experience, her shops are bright, exciting, and different. I'm happy to see this brand coming over to the states, especially through what I hope will be a fantastic partnership with nordstrom.

hop on over to to check out lorna jane! nordstrom also has another surprise [in store only] this month in the cosmetics department, but I'll have to save that for another fashion friday!
xo, lam

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