Friday, April 24, 2015

fashion friday: JETS swimwear

I first discovered JETS while on a trip to sydney and melbourne last year. the center aisle of the swim department at david jones featured a stunning black and white peplum JETS suit [below] that was just unreal... like skillfully designed architecture on body, the lines and curves were out of this world.


many people know and love seafolly from australia (including me!) but JETS is on a whole other level.

aside from being obsessed with this swim company, I am also super into one piece suits right now. it started when I had-to-have a high waisted bikini bottom but couldn't find one anywhere.

after ordering a high waisted bottom from victoria's secret (which happened to be terrible on me) and finding everything I liked

was sold out on zappo's, I ended up in a fitting room wearing a one piece cheetah print suit with a plunging neckline. surprisingly, I looked good... like really good. so next time you're shopping for suits, give a one piece a shot - you may be pleasantly surprised! 

ok, back to australia... even though the aussies are heading into fall/winter right now, we are just easing into spring here in the states! web-lusting over these suits reminded me of sipping cocktails from the deck at iceberg's on bondi beach, watching the surfers do their thing while the waves crashed against the rocks [sigh]. 
not only are these sexy suits designed by a female (yes, I'm implying better fit), they are also fab quality. I mean if you're going to get a one piece suit and you wear upwards of a C or D cup, a shelf bra may not cut it. many of these suits feature underwire busts and go up to DD cup. not to mention, the prints are fantastic and the two piece, bikini versions are equally beautiful. the prints are designed around the silhouette of the garment. so one print doesn't always look the same in a one piece versus a two piece. 

PS. JETS also has cover-ups and adorable kids suits. my only regret is not buying one, or ten, of these suits in australia last year.

happy fashion friday - hope you have a great weekend!

all suits shown can be found on

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