Wednesday, April 15, 2015

everybody wins! atlanta raffle for reading

today marks the annual raffle for reading fundraiser with everybody wins! atlanta at monday night brewing. the everybody wins! mission is to improve children's literacy and develop the reading skills of students in low-income elementary schools through shared reading experiences. children's literacy is a cause I feel so passionate about - I've participated in children's lunchtime reading programs since my freshman year of college... you just never know how much you're impacting a child with only 30 minutes a week of your time.

I first found out about everybody wins! when I moved to atlanta four years ago, and immediately wanted to be a part of the cause. now, I'm not only thrilled to be a weekly elementary school reading volunteer, I'm also so excited to be a part of the young professionals council for everybody wins!

the two reading programs that deliver the everybody wins! mission are power lunch and storytime. power lunch is a reading mentorship between an adult and an elementary schooler. while the child eats lunch, the volunteer reads aloud. studies show that reading to a child is the best way to improve literacy. the storytime program brings beloved childhood stories to life through live storytelling performances. kids get to volunteer to be characters in the book and act out the story live, it's hilarious to watch these kids on stage! the storytime program really engages the imagination and demonstrates the importance of reading for fun, not just for school.

monday night brewing

over the past few years, I've served as a power lunch reading mentor for three elementary school kids at three different schools in the atlanta area and recruited a few other coworkers to become readers! there's no denying that it takes commitment to sign up for a weekly reading program with elementary school kids. sometimes it's difficult to make the effort, but at the end of the day, giving back is the reason for being. it certainly grounds you in reality and true gratitude!

to learn more about everybody wins! atlanta - visit their webpage and if you're local to atlanta, I encourage you to look into becoming a mentor or to become a part of an organization that interests you.

everybody wins! atlanta receiving a check from the atlanta santa speedo run!

an example of a storytime performance of where the wild things are by maurice sendak